Palm-tree! Means, now we will be occupied palmingom

Warm up palms, poterev one about another. To them at once surges a blood, and together with it and vital forces. And if to sink palms to an abdominal brain where the whole bundle of nerve knots they will gain still a larger charge of energy, that is active power which one will transmit eyes is.

Densely add setpins and palms a calyx as if prepare to wash from one handful. Bring to the person and suppose the crossed setpins on a forehead so that the bases of little fingers had on a bridge.

Eyes should appear in a thick darkness, but not touch eyelashes of palms. Now close down eyes.

The Energia accumulated in palms, has gone endways to eyeballs.

Experience it warmly. Relax eyelids, the person and muscles of all skew field. Imbibe vital forces eyes of what without thinking, as a plant under a solar rain. Consider simply darkness or that the imagination has created before eyes is better. You see all accurately and clearly, in the distance and close, as if just washed out by a rain.

Introduce a stone flag of atlases with flourishes, each of which bleeds through clearly and becomes the familiar character. It is possible to read the tiniest word, in size with an ant, — v-i-zh-u!

Pay attention to a belly-button, creating feel of absolute rest and blissful luxury. About as life is perfect! As eyes which one so dazzlingly all see are wonderful!

It on forces to make out even each organ in your skew field. Here, for example, on the right side under ribs — a liver through which one for one minute transits one and a half litre of a blood. With it the liver directs all organism matters indispensable for it. Send this truzhenitse a love and tenderness surge — from the bottom of the heart, with all my heart, as it was made by Shuhlik, healing a hoof. Note that a liver it is grateful smiles in the answer.

Then translate a view to buds which one are allocated behind over a foot bath, above a loin. These twins strip a blood, deducing from an organism matters harmful to it. Thank them and wish them health! Benevolent involvement all only on favour!

Sink arms, but an eye do not unclose. Absolute rest in all skew field. Will feel light whiff of a breeze which one slightly shakes you, as if you a dandelion in a morning blooming garden of Shifo.

At some distance murmurs a wellhead and between trees the whole company — mum-she-ass, feathered Ok-Tava, genie Malaj and Shuhlik walks. Over them the sycamore calls a crown. And above only eight rainbows in the gold root, on everyone on two, and the sun, on all one!

Easy unclose eyes. Do not plough up them, as air vents!

In eyes, as well as in all skew field, solar gold heat was saved. Having had a look in a mirror, can differentiate suddenly a light glow round the reflex. These are vital forces which one arrive when you test pleasure of huge sec of life when with you Ok-Tava. Save this sense day by day and will see all better and better.

Look at the palm. It all in a halation, as the palm leaf lighted the sun. Such feel that each pin as if the candle, shines brightly warm light.

Triturate palms, having boosted this light. Index and medial setpins of both arms approach closely to shut eyes, but do not touch them. Light and heat from setpins as if from droppers, overflow in a pupil, bodily spacefilling in an eyeball.

Head endways. Elbows dilute in the sides. Having incurvated thumbs, we bring their phalanxes by blepharons, again charging eyes with energy and health.

All skew field, from a vertex to heels, has assumed a dignified air and smiles happily. At last you have paid it attention! And it will necessarily respond all organs, promising it is better to see, hear, olfact, perceive and feel each section.

Was most friend to validate this promising, looking at a rear side of a stone flag of atlases where there is a message that who has laid down the aim, has defeated laziness and has taken care of the own life, that all treasured desires could be granted.

However the message of atlases only subsidiary means. It spots, your trajectory is how much correct, a leah you are able to endure huge sec of happiness and to create feel Ok-Tavy, without what all exercises — time waste.

Recall necessarily a manway-step-ladder on which one Shuhlik rose.

The smile of all skew field, faith assertion in the forces and a joy sincere spirit is indispensable! When all it will come to you, glance, as if it is casual, on the message of atlases and without fail differentiate those characters, which one else a minute ago were concealed from you as if being diluted in a fog.

I see


You will exclaim

And then, having unclosed eyes,

Discover in the soul light and love

Darkly and terribly, how in the Raven garden?

But what favour of them, if in a shower

At money some more, than life instants!

And our life only three billion instants!

Ah, to what the world round us is interesting!

Working with the message of atlases, it is necessary to know some knowledge.

At a hyperopia to keep the message at arm’s length 15-20 centimetres from eyes.

At short-sightedness — in an outstretched arm.

If one eye sees badly, and another it is good, temporarily present to a healthy eye a piracy leese or simply cover with its palm.

Start to read the message of atlases from the lower largest seam and, having reached that above which one all in a fog, be shut down. It is your working line.

So, adjusting, that is patching sight, we will commit on it three travelings, each of which will be extended one and a half minute — or three times on thirty instants.

Allow the eyes to slip easy on a line within thirty secs — from left to right and from right to left. Do not track characters in a seam.

All attention centre on inwardness, on sense of pleasure, on reliance that here now, this instant of a turban-top mushroom will bleed through clearer!

Already in the maiden travelling you without fail sweep flashes — sight has gone towards improving. And the way back is not present! Only forward! Not gallop, of course, and a measured gait, because a trajectory not the close. But you know well that will achieve the object.

Easily blink eyes, yielding them the rest, and more thirty instants of a marching from the extremity in the extremity of a line.

Sight starts to respond, is exact aukaetsja with you in working scaffolds. And characters play hide-and-seek — that look, are concealed in a haze.

At last, the last thirty instants of journey on a line then certainly fulfil relaxing palming.

Then the second travelling — three times on thirty instants. And again rest for eyes before a completing marching. Thirty instants on a line one eye walks. Following thirty — another. And after relaxing occupations of an eye walk together. Only do not blink them and not tarashchte! Start up walk about without a strain. Experience, as the morning breeze entrains remainders of a fog from your eyes.

Dive with a head into huge sec of happiness and smile all over! Gradually, if will not abandon efforts and more more will cheer up, characters will quit a formation on a light greenward, will appear in all beauty.

Now it is enough to maintain mood at this level ten minutes that properly it to store, and in the future to cause at will, as genie from a pot.

When the line will absolutely be explained, transfer above. But do not hurry! Work on single line of the message two or three days, anchoring effect. Introduce that you climb up uphill which one peak is lost in clouds. Here it is impossible to fuss. Camp on the working line, as on a solar clearing where it is interesting to look round. And only having considered all in detail, prolong rise.

Sight is recovered at all variously — at whom more promptly, at whom more slowly. But it is customary behind improving short impairment follows, as if cumuluses cover the sun. Be not frightened! The cloudless time will gradually be enlarged, and the world around as in the pellucid mountain air, there will be all clearer and more clearly.

The main thing to save in a shower a happy solar state, in other words, a magic blooming garden which one will necessarily bear fruit! And mechanic accomplishment of exercises barrenly.

You should be assured that will see very well, excellently! As an eagle stewing in skies!

Joy emotions, high spirits — here that yields a positive take and recovers sight!

Travel on lines of the message of atlases twice a day. But before it do not forget all nine exercises for ocular muscles and relaxing palming.

As much as possible look at alive greens — on a grass, on trees. Green bloom, as well as gold, is curative for eyes.

Let’s adjust now eyes for clear vision. It is possible to make this exercise standing or sitting at a window.

Paste on glass hardly below level of eyes the small brand or a picture a size three on three centimetres or four on four. The picture should be accurate and cheerful, in green tinters. Apart 20 25 centimetres from the face.

Behind a window discover any purpose which one delineations are fuzzy, that is it so it is far that it is visible vaguely. For example, a tree or the green car.

Five secs consider a picture, and then translate a view afar, over a picture, and as much a time examine the selected purpose. And again continuously return a view on a picture. Any strain, but only joy feel of huge sec of life during six hundred instants! This exercise should be fulfilled doubly in a light time of day, but the gap between approaches should be not less than two hours.

And at last, we will try to breathe eyes!

It would seem, to whom it on forces? Yes it is not too difficult! Only introduce, as your eyes want to blow the breath self-contained!

Sit on a chair. A back a straight line, arms in a lap, and the skew field is relaxed. In a shower absolute rest and a reconciliation. We breathe a nose. Note that at an inspiration to a nose is hardly more cool, and at an expiration — is warmer. If to bring to a nose a palm, she too will experience a coolness and warmly. Here these small odds in temperature it is necessary to learn to trap eyes.

Breathe a nose, but all attention centre in the face of, feeling as them light whiff of a green breeze and a tangency of the warm surge penetrated by the sun, coolness and heat gang, as if submarine currents in the pestilence.

Surprisingly, but your eyes can, it appears, not only to run and spring, as athletes, not only to travel and rise in mounts as climbers, but to fly and dive, as if seabirds.

At each inspiration a view all is clearer — white sand on seabed, rocks, weed-covered, and cockleshells between which one small fishes, otbleskivaja diversicolorous sheer plans float clearly is visible.

And with each expiration the hymenium, fatique and a strain leave eyes, precisely you blow off dust from glass.

The feel of a coolness on an inspiration gives to eyes health, and warmly at an expiration entrains from eyes everything that hinders well to see.

Breathe eyes as much as necessary and anywhere! The main thing, clearly to imagine, how they test a coolness and warmly.

By the way, atlases were able to breathe not only eyes. To double vital forces, ancient atlases breathed a thyroid gland, an abdominal brain, palms and stops.

Listen, as sounds — a thyroid gland, an abdominal brain! As if it is a question of a knightly armour. Or, more likely, about a surface and a cosmos.

After all the word a palm originates from words "dale", "apron plain". A hand — so termed paintbrush inside earlier.

If to forget for a while about land and a cosmos the thyroid gland is in the bottom of a neck over a fossa. It regulates growth and organism development, working out and selecting in a blood special matters — secrets.

The abdominal brain is a bundle divergent rays of nerves which one is seated between a chest and

There, where ribs are rendezvoused by a belly.

And on palms and stops the flock of the life-giving, bracing points connected to all organism is allocated.

Now, breathing a nose, tolerate attention to a thyroid gland, downwards necks — will feel there a coolness and warmly. An inspiration — a green light breeze, salutary and resuscitating! An expiration — the warm sun rays expelling malaises!

If as to blow the breath an abdominal brain, palms and stops, directing them with each inspiration love and gratitude, and with each expiration reliance of health they will transmit this message to all sections of an organism which one it is grateful will sing a hymn of ancient Atlantis.

And why not? After all both the person, and the world environmental it, and all Universe consist of the smallest parts — atoms. Atlantis has very long time ago sunk and has failed, but its atoms, was quite interquartile, is and in our skew fields. We — a single whole with the Earth and with a cosmos. Therefore, when atoms of our skew field will decompose, all of us equally remain to live in this huge and perfect world. Be assured!


6. «Mystical short stories»

Juri L. Kapten

In the course of operation
— the story p., plus one story about the realised dreamings  …  is already written on 78-80

Juri L. Kapten,

kand. Biological sciences, the honorary member Baltic

Pedagogical academy, the writer, the artist and the composer.


Non-contact training of a skew field

Exotic digression to the past — the head which one pages are fanned by odour of millenaries. In it the powerful packet of the self-improving exercises elaborated drevnevostochnymi vrachevateljami is contained. To put them into practice it is possible only observing the greatest caution, differently awesome klinok, striking illness, it can be converted against the pupil. Is reduced to dilate on purpose an outlook trained and to point that behind room, they mastered, unclose new horizons.

Attention! With exercises from "Canon" it is possible to work only at own will and only in the event that at you the expressed state transitions of health are watched. Be not converted at all to "Canon" with curiosity!

Depending on the diagnosis (if you precisely know it) or from your complaints (if they at you are) it is possible to select 2-3 special exercises and no more than 2-3 of the main exercises (to boost activity of all of others). To fulfil them strongly it is recommended not earlier than the thirtieth day of occupations.

It is a little history

It is very ancient book intended in due time only for elite. In it exercises and the agings directed on enhancement and evolution of spiritual and physical qualities of the person are collected. It is written on old Turkic, farsi and in the Arabian tongues. Its torn title sounds approximately so: «the Canon of mysterious sciences for the future lords».

Numerous marks on fields bear that the book read, added and perfected within centuries. The maiden complements are dated 986 year. For the first time "Canon" is translated into the modern Uzbek tongue in 1986.

The canon consists of 10 self-supporting steps (dignities). The maiden dignity contains 111 exercises from which one the most effective are sampleed, sufficient for recovery of health at very many malaises.

Before to begin learning of a complex of exercises, we will be acquainted with how introduces "Canon" a human skew field. All it is taken to pieces, termed «dwellings of lobes» (fig. 18,).


Dwellings of lobes

Titles of dwellings (fig. 18 see,)

1. The Dwelling-docheren.

2. The dwelling of mother.

3. The dwelling of sons.

4. The reason and devil dwelling.

5. The dwelling of the father.

6. The soul and angel dwelling.

Titles of levels (fig. 18,6,)

1. Governors (realm).

2. Advisers.

3. Life roads.

4. Promoters.

5. A violent city.

6. Strength (lullaby).

7. Hopes of a realm (a flowerbud of daughters).

8. A realm leg (a flowerbud of sons).

9. Butonchik grandsons (spoilt children).

The maiden dwelling of lobes — the Dwelling of daughters (a title on levels — from top to down)

1. The soul and angel dwelling.

2. The maiden vizier.

3. The right hilus.

4. A lion on circuits.

5. A pylorus.

6. The bride.

7. The principal successor.

8. The principal fellow-heir.

9. The fidget.

Secondary residence of lobes — the Dwelling of mother (a title on levels — from top to down)

1. A mirror (eyes of mother and soul).

2. Cares of mother.

Alert of mother.

3. A paternal home.

4. Treasury.

5. A lullaby.

6. Love of mother.

7. A leg of mother.

8. Fussy grandsons.

The third dwelling of lobes-.dom filial (titles on levels — from top to down)

1. The reason and Satan dwelling.

2. The left vizier.

3. The left hilus.

4. A life initiation.

5. The treasurer.

6. The son-in-law.

7. Lascivious.

8. The second fellow-heir.

9. The debauchee.

The fourth dwelling of lobes-dales of reason and devil (a title on levels — from top to down)

1. The reason and devil dwelling.

2. A reason throne.

3. A black door.

4. A throne of a Satan.

5. Turret.

6. A black horse.

7. The low princess»

8. The medial son.

9. The favourite of the grandfather.

The fifth dwelling of lobes — the Dwelling of the father (a title on levels — from top to down)

1. The governor.

2. A gas plume throne.

3. A leg of the father.

4. Life printing.

5. A saddle.

6. A pillow.

7. Princes.

8. Correct grandsons.

9. Fate printing.

Sixth milk lobes — the soul Dwelling ts an angel (titles on levels — from top to down)

1. The dwelling an angel and.

2. A soul throne.

3. A white door.

4. A throne of an angel.

5. Kind road.

6. A white horse.

7. The princess.

8. The younger son.

9. The low grandson.

The enumeration of exercises

Warm-up (all dial-up of exercises for a vertebrae from the training program
mastered by us)

Exercise 1. «Preparation of a field for sowing of a garden of youth».

Exercise 2. «A heart Throne».

Exercise 3. «The swing as a hobby and hearts».

Exercise 4. «The flowerbud of lungs and an intestine».

Exercise 5. «A soul and reason Flower».

Exercise 6. «Realm Roads».

Exercise 7. «A maw Flowerbud».

Exercise 8. «The flowerbud of buds».

Exercise 9. «A liver Flowerbud», or «the Realm of cares and grief».

Exercise 10. «The flowerbud of twins».

Exercises of targeted actions (you should select two of them, depending on your disease)

Exercise 1. «A cradle Flowerbud». Exercise 2. «Lobes of a flower of a pancreas and a lien». Exercise 3. «The dwelling of experiences». Exercise 4. «Side panels of an angel over bitterness road».

Exercise 5. "Main road". Exercise 6. «The hilus to a realm».

Indispensable oracles

Cautions once again caution. Do not try to fulfil all exercises at once. Be propelled gradually, adding new flowerbuds only in process of qualitative mastering of the previous stands.

In the maiden days it is enough to make 3-4 exercises. Was relevant that occupations cheered up and after them it was not felt fatigues. At all do not urge itself!

Time for agings — no more than 1 hour of 20 minutes (together with a time-out).

At fatigue it is necessary to diminish sharply a load or some days completely to rest.

Agings a carry within 2-3 months. After a complete recovery of health the time and repetitions can be diminished.

All exercises should be fulfilled, having in a shower the brightest fashion of youth to which one you steadily are aimed, differently they lose all meaning. Here is how about it it is told in ancient "Canon" with reference to exercise 1: «… About the son, old and sick, but with young soul. If you have gained the God’s punishment in the form of travails and you want to become anew such as you dream, and do not know, where you have abandoned a young skew field, the health and a youth overfilled with dream if you are not afraid of difficulties and deprivations in this long journey abandon the rage and hatred and doubts in human kindness, and saddle the transitory horse, and pick up with yourself in a shower that God will tell to you, and we will go with you to that garden where thy skew field and thy not come true dreams lies…

… About the son, you thought that have assembled the horse for a long journey, and the road is in you. Slez from a horse. The field for flowers of thy youth is in thy back, and the garden of paradise foetuses is in thy chest. If on this place at you wilderness acanthas of hatred, a hopelessness, illness and harm look also grow: behind a throne of soul you are waited by a feathered horse of inspiration, and on a shower throne for a long time holds down a plough for thy reason. Feed, give a drink the horse of inspiration and zaprjagi reason, yes thy diligence God let will increase, initiate with ploughing for sowing of a garden of youth, and continuallyyou should know that will grow on this place…»

Perfect spirit on a youth fashion, also the idea of warm-up (however, you and, probably, have guessed that here to what) is rather poetically presented.

All exercises of this chapter should begin with T-sensation, then operation is prolonged with P, then — with X and concludes only on X.

The ancient text very figuratively underlines also it:

«… Unclosing youth doors, store: doorsare unclosed only by warm-heartedness. Let will warm this transitory trajectory on which one you sow youth seeds, thy sincere heat, the sun of thy reason, and heart let shines and heats. But remember, the son: waterless and winters only one sun will transmute thy skew field into wilderness. Rejoice, pouring each grain of sand of thy arable land which one will give birth to you to youth and force abandon this field in chill and an icy cold that they have rested and were stripped.

In the spring when you feel that already it is time to sow, sample and sow the necessary seeds, everyone on the place, and every day tend with love. And in that rostochke that has arisen, you should see and cultivate that mature tree, which one will be and so to make every day, abandoning a time and for rest. Also do not forget to behave and behave as if thy garden already fructifies. Remember, about the son, digging and pouring land of thy future garden, without foreseeing foetuses of the of transactions, without soul and reason, you arrive, as a wild boar whom, trenching land, can think that it the great gardener.

Do not forget to close down always behind itself a gin of the garden…»

Having trapped spirit of the ancient deed and having performed by respect for wisdom, in it hidden, we will start to work.

We remember: for each unhealthy organ it is necessary to select one or two exercises (maiden — the core, second — boosting effect).

The maiden complex of exercises from the maiden dignity

(exercises for a vertebrae, are led on a training course)


1. A ducking forward and back against the stop.

2. A ducking sideways, without hoisting shoulders.

3. Head turning movements to the left to the right against the stop.

4. Roundabouts by a head, as though rolling it on shoulders (15 times — clockwise, 15 times — against)

The upper shoulder girdle

5. Arms forward — a chin to a chest, arms on back — a head back.

6. Driving by shoulders hill up-downwards ("turtle").

7. Roundabouts by shoulders — forward and back 8. Declinations to the left to the right, arms on junctures.

Vertebrae mid-range (thoracal and lumbar departments)

9. Legs on breadth of shoulders, portings (with each turning movement a maximum sharp turn back, the head is erect), turning movements to the right.

10. Declinations forward (as though trying to get a nose a navel).

11. Declinations back (as though trying to get a nucha a loin).

12. Arms downwards back roundabouts «parovozik (arms are incurvated in elbows).

13. Arms in the latch on a nucha, declinations right-left, forward-back (till 15-20 time).

14. Legs on breadth of shoulders, kulaks on fields of buds, elbows are brought maximum together to each other, declinations back, without being unbent.

15. Legs on breadth of shoulders, we try to see a side face of stack from counter party at first to the right, then to the left,

16. Arms in a lap, declinations forward.

17. Sitting on a flap or on a chair, legs are diluted also the body in the face-to-face plain a maximum declination to the left, right leg and to a floor between them.

18. Arms hill up, setpins are clutched, we stretch, rising on socks, we are pulled hill up (an inspiration, we we are sinked, again hill up — an expiration).

Exercise 1

«Preparation of a field for sowing of a garden of youth» (fig. 19).

It is routed on a rejuvenation of all organism.
Diseases of central and peripheric excitatory system of a various genesis; psychoemotional violations; diseases of eyes, a nose, a throat, organs thoracal and an abdominal cavity, foot bath organs.

The ageing essence — in preparation of the organism for the subsequent exercises. It guesses operation during various "seasons" and certain types of operations on stages:

• summer (warmly and warmly maximum);

• spring (a pricking, «a vernal or autumnal rain»);

• winter (chill);

• ploughing (oscillation);

• sowing of youth (termination).

All exercises begin with feel T, and conclude X.

In one day it is made no more than 4 exercises (exercise + 2-3 more times, depending on an unhealthy organ).


Begin exercise with field of the right clavicle (), or from a nasopharynx (fig. 19,).

We assemble in the field of a clavicle feel T in size with a small tappet, we move it down to a hip initiation, we transfer in a perineum and we go on centre of a frontal surface of a skew field hill up — to the person, capturing labiums, an oral cavity and the midpoint of a mandible with a nasopharynx. The caumesthesia is moved under a skin surface. Then we transfer to the left clavicle and it is descent down to a hip (). Then we are returned inversely (by same means) to an initial point (). It is one cycle. With each of feels it is made three such "hodki". Similarly, since (), we surface a back (on three "hodki" with each of feels).

It is the maiden alternative of driving of feels. It is possible hardly to alter it, working how it is figured on fig. 19, century From an initial point () we go by same means to finite () then we transfer in a central direction, we go hill up up to the end, transferring then again in an at-rest position (). Thus we work on three times with each of feels and it is analogously worked with a back.

Exercise has still alternative. The caumesthesia is represented as though the barrel which one is rolled under a skin from the right clavicle to a hip initiation, then from a perineum is bowled to a nasopharynx, transfers to the left clavicle, is rolled up downwards and again transfers in a perineum, being propelled to a nasopharynx.

Working from a back, we try to introduce brightly specially these feels to analogously how we make it, working with a vertebrae.

Exercise 2

«A heart throne» (fig. 20).


Diseases of cardiovascular system, thick and small intestines, nervous breakdowns, an intracranial pressure, pulmonary diseases, illnesses of knuckles.

A.Nachinaem from the left palm, we envelop only a little finger (1), we rise on an interior surface of an arc to axillary field, further we go on an arc (2), as it is demonstrated on fig. 20, and (rising on the midpoint of a thorax to a jugular recess, then being sinked), further through the right axillary field we transfer to a right hand inner surface, we are tapped off to the right palm, enveloping only a little finger; then we are returned by same means to an initial left palm (1).

B.Vnov we rise hill up from a little finger of the left palm on an interior surface of an arm to axillary  field and we transfer back, we go on an arc (3) as it is demonstrated on fig. 20, (back view), we leave in the right axillary field, then it is descent downwards on an interior surface of a right hand to a palm, enveloping only a little finger; we are returned by same means, transiting a thorax behind on an arc (3), and through the left axillary field it is descent to the left palm, we iterate stages And and once again, committing thus only four passages. V.Dalee we transfer in field 4 (to internal fields of anticnemions and knee joints); we assemble here maximum feels sequentially in each leg, we keep some secs and it is iterated it on 2 times.

All stages of exercise it is better to make with T + P, then with P, then — with X + P.Zakanchivaem a stage "In" on maximum feel T, we begin always with the left palm.

Exercise 3

«A swing as a hobby and hearts» (fig. 21).

Diseases of a pericardium (heart) and organs of a chest of a respiratory organs (a bronchitis, a pneumonia, a bronchial asthma), inflammatory diseases of an oral cavity and a nasopharynx, an allergy, an eczema, a dermatitis, an itch of a various parentage, a neuralgia of a ternary nerve, a facial nerve neuritis, asthenic and jet states.


Fig. 21. Exercise 3. «A soul and heart Swing»

We begin with the left palm, enveloping only two setpins — a little finger and untitled, we rise hill up on inside of the left arm to axillary field, then on an arc we go to the torse midpoint — to a point 3 at the breast bone base (fig. 21,). In a point 3 we are shut down for 2-3 secs and simultaneously we go hardly deep into, then we continue to move to the right axillary field, further we are tapped off downwards on an interior surface of a right hand to a palm, we envelop analogously two marginal setpins then we are returned by same means to an initial left palm. It is one face-to-face passage. Try to fulfil it approximately for 10 secs, without considering a time on blowing-downs.

Further as we leave from the left palm, we rise hill up to axillary field, we transfer to a back (fig. 21,), we transit it on an arc (but without being shut down), then we dive into the right axillary field, then on an interior surface of a right hand it is descent to a palm, enveloping only a ring finger and a little finger then we are by same means returned back — to an initial left palm. It is one passage behind. Try to be laid down thus approximately in 10 secs.

With each feel it is made on such four passages: 1 — face-to-face, 1 — behind once again 1 — face-to-face, 1 — behind.

Exercise 4

«A flowerbud of lungs and an intestine» (fig. 22).

Diseases of lungs and intestine. This exercise consists of four stages.

A.Nachinaem from the right stack (fig. 22,), we rise hill up on a leg, enveloping it completely from inside, then we transfer to a belly and superficially we go to the breast bone base, then it is descent more low on belly left side, we transfer analogously to the left leg (also enveloping it completely) and it is descent to the left stack. Then we transfer again to the right stack and one more such passage is made. It is a baseline design (but it is possible to return from the left stack to a breast bone and to be tapped off to the right stack).


It is possible to begin with the left stack.

B.Perehodim on arms. From the left palm (1) we go hill up on an arm, enveloping it from inside, to axillary field, then it is passed (as is shown in fig. 22,) a shoulder girdle, we transfer through axillary field in a right hand, also enveloping it completely, and it is descent to the right palm. We are returned by same means to an initial left palm (1).

V.Perehodim on lobes. Since the right arm it is passable them from inside sequentially on two times (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), then we are returned to 5 lobe, we enlarge feel to maximum and so it is abandoned it, concluding this part of exercise (see fig. 22, and,),

G.Sobiraem also we concentrate feel in lumbar field (6), leading up it to a reasonable maximum, then it is moved forward — to field of an urinary bladder (7) — and it is reset (6). Such relocation (forward-back) it is made 2-3, we conclude in the field of a loin (6). We keep this feel within several secs.


«A soul and reason flower» (fig. 23).

‘ Diseases of a maw — gastritises, a maw and duodenum peptic ulcer; the diseases of a thick intestine tracked by violation of a peristalsis, a meteorism, a painful syndrome; diseases of a respiratory organs — larynxes, tracheas, lungs; allergic diseases, a dermatitis, lesions of mucosas; some mental violations, neurosises; lesions of central excitatory system; an idiopathic hypertensia; painful syndromes of various localisation, neurologic and reflex implications of a cervical osteochondrosis.


Fig. 23. Exercise 5. «A soul and reason Flower»

We begin with any stack, in this case — with right (1). We rise hill up on a leg, enveloping it completely from inside both feel, and an internal look, we transfer to coccyx (2), then we rise on a vertebrae, enveloping it also completely, but gradually narrowing down field of action of feel (as is shown in fig. 23), we transfer to a neck, then on a pilose part of a head where we move feel on a skin surface, without being sunk. Having been at the end of the resources «the third eye» (3), we make small (till 3-4 secs) blowing-down, having massed, having massed attention to this band (3) then we are returned analogously and by same means to field of coccyx (2). We transfer in the left leg, completely enveloping it from inside, we are tapped off to the left stack, then we are started up in a way back — to the right stack, working analogously.

It is one passage. We make on 3-4 passages with each of feels.

Analogously we work with arms (fig. 23 see). We begin with a wrist, we envelop an arm completely from inside. Through a shoulder joint at shoulder girdle level we transfer in an inverse shoulder joint, we are tapped off on other arm to a wrist and home we are returned in an initial point (3-4 passages on each feel).

Attention! It is necessary to make exercise easily, without a strain. If in a head suddenly there will be hums or there will be a gravity — it is necessary to diminish sharply a load and to reduce luminance of feels.

Exercise 6

«Realm roads» (fig. 24).

Diseases of tanks (groundwater arteries and veins), thrombophlebites, cardiac performance stimulation.

We begin with the lower third of dorsum and the right anticnemion, we rise (as is shown in fig. 24) hill up, on an anticnemion deflecting in an outer end, on a hip — being skewed to a fundament (4). We go through a fatend to lumbar field (2), we make here small (till 10 secs) blowing-down, simultaneously boosting feels to a maximum, advanceing it as though through — forward. Then — it is analogous and symmetric — we leave lumbar field (2), we are tapped off downwards to the lower third of dorsum of the left anticnemion then in a reversed sequence all trajectory is iterated and we are returned to an initial point (3) on the right anticnemion. Then again we go by same means hill up on the right leg through a fatend to a loin (2) where again we boost feel to a maximum with blowing-down for 10 secs. Then this point (2) we leave in any of arms — through axillary field on an arm dorsum (as is shown in fig. 24) it is descent in a wrist (1) where it is made short (till 2-3 secs) blowing-down. We are then returned by same means in lumbar field) (2) where, as usual, we make blowing-down (till 10 secs) with simultaneous magnification of feel to a reasonable maximum. Then analogously we work with other arm, attaining a wrist, and we are again returned in lumbar field (2). Having delayed (till 10 secs), and having boosted feel, we make even on one stopping in each arm (with the stipulated blowing-downs and feel magnification). We conclude exercise in lumbar field (2) where, having shut down for some secs, we lead up heat of feel to a maximum level.


Fig. 24. Exercise 6. «Realm Roads»

Thus we work with each of feels. It is possible to begin with any leg.



Diseases of organs of a gastrointestinal tract — gastritises, a peptic ulcer of a maw of a duodenum; dynamic diseases of a thin and thick intestine; mental violations, an epilepsy; an idiopathic hypertensia; a neuralgia of a triple nerve; a migraine and various by origin headaches; an intercostal neuralgia; inflammatory diseases of adnexal sinuses of a nose; gynecologic diseases an impotency.

The main exercise (fig. 25, and — an anterior aspect).

We begin with a true rake right (it is possible left) stops. Without capturing a thumb, we rise on an external surface of an anticnemion, further we move on a hip true rake to an inguen, we drift to centre, but we do not reach a white abdominal line (a vertical going through a belly-button) a little, we rise hill up — above a belly-button, further — through right (or left) a papilla on an arc — we leave to a jugular recess and we move hill up, capturing an oral cavity and a nasopharynx (with which one, by the way, too it is possible to begin exercise). Then descent to the left stack (analogous and symmetric follows rise). After small blowing-down we are started up in a way back to a starting position (to the right stack).

It is 1st alternative of exercise. 2nd alternative envisions direct jump from the maiden stones in right — with the further repetition of all aforesaid.

With each feel it is worked thus doubly.

At enough expressed diseases For effect magnification it is possible to fulfil after the main exercise one more (fig. 25, — a back view).

We begin with the left popliteal space, we rise hill up on centre of a dorsum of a hip (then  breeches) — to a central band of a back (to so-called "saddle"). Here we are shut down, concentrating and boosting luminance of feel, then it is made 3 intense open forward-rearward movements as though leading "padding"). Superficial circling (from "saddle" hill up Further follows and inversely), then goes descent analogous to rise on the right leg to a popliteal space where small blowing-down from an o’clock by padding »(3 open forward-rearward movements is made) then we transfer again in the left popliteal space and we iterate all relocation once again (the maiden alternative) or we are returned to an initial point by a way back (the second alternative), that is де*4 bark such 2 passages. It is possible to begin with any popliteal space. Being shut down in popliteal spaces, we do not forget to lead"padding".

And last. After the featured exercise it is made also on 2 passages on dorsums of arms and backs, beginning and concluding them in the lower third any of forearms (fig. 25 see, — a back view). In these points we make blowing-downs and we boost feel to a maximum level.

Exercise 8

«A flowerbud of buds» (fig. 26).

Diseases of a genitourinary orb of the functional character, a cystitis, a cystalgia, a nephritis; diseases of organs thoracal and an abdominal cavity; neuralgic implications of an osteochondrosis of a vertebrae and knuckles of any localisation, a lesion of peripheric and central excitatory system.

To begin better with a back. Such relocation of feels has an exotic title — «a circuit for a natural Lion» («a natural lion» the urinary bladder in this case is).

Through the left heel we lead feel T on a dorsum of the left leg to coccyx. There blowing-down


Fig. 26. Exercise 8. «The flowerbud of buds»

3-4 secs and magnification of feels to a maximum (with a simultaneous maintenance deep into). Then we rise above, performing superficial driving along a vertebrae and away from it (fig. 26 see,), we make blowing-downs in the field of buds (with magnification of feels to a maximum and a simultaneous maintenance deep into). Then again we are tapped off to coccyx (blowing-down, magnification of feels to a maximum with a simultaneous maintenance deep into), further — it is analogous and symmetric to rise — it is descent on the right leg to stack. It is one passage. Then again we transfer to the left stack.

Such passages it is necessary to make on 3 on each feel. It is possible to begin with any stack, concluding operation in the field of an urinary bladder.

Prolonging exercise, we transfer to an inner surface of the left or right stack, enveloping only a thumb; we transfer to a belly; further we make the superficial turn on a circle — through dummies and a jugular recess (fig. 26 see,), we are then tapped off — to analogously and symmetrically rise — to other stack. It is one passage. Then we transfer to adjacent stack and all it is begun once again.

Such passages also it is necessary to make on 3 on each feel.

Exercise 9

«A liver flowerbud», or «the Realm of cares and grief» (fig. 27).

Diseases of a liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, neurodermites, a psoriasis, viti-ligo.

The main exercise.

We begin with an interior surface of the right stack (capturing only a thumb), we rise hill up on the midpoint of a front and interior surface of the right leg, we transfer to inguinal field, then we bypass clockwise a belly, without affecting its central field (see fig. 27,) then — it is analogous and symmetric to rise — it is descent on the left leg to an interior surface of the left stack. It is one passage. Then again we transfer to the right stack (1st alternative) or we are returned by same means (2nd alternative). Such passages it is made on 3 with each feel.

At enough expressed diseases of a liver and a gallbladder for magnification of effect after the main exercise it is necessary to fulfil one more with rather poetical title — «light Gate to the grief dwelling» (fig. 27,).


Fig. 27. Exercise 9. «Irrigating of a flowerbud of a liver», or «the Realm of cares and grief»

On a back, in the field marked in a picture in digit 1 which one also is termed «light Gate to the grief dwelling» (wherefore behind it, according to ancient thinkers, all sorrows which were a share the person) were warehoused, we concentrate feel, achieving its luminance. Then we commit open "padding", heaving feel ahead and back (2 is translational-returnable driving) then from the face-to-face field 2 (fig. 27,) we hoist feel in subclavial field 3 and, having made there small blowing-down, we leave downwards, in a band 4. Such passages it is made on two (2 on the right, 2 at the left), each time being shut down in the field of 3.

Exercise 10

«A flowerbud of twins» (fig. 28).

Diseases of organs of a gastrointestinal tract: dyskinesias of a gallbladder and zhelchevyvodja-shchih ducts, a cholecystitis (not calculous), etc.; psychological disorders; an epilepsy, lesions of central excitatory system of a various genesis; vestibulopathies; an epileptiform neuralgia; neuralgic implications of an osteochondrosis of a vertebrae and knuckles of various localisation; diseases of lungs — a bronchial asthma, etc.


Fig. 28. Exercise 10. «The flowerbud of twins»

We begin with an external surface of the right stack, capturing all setpins, except major, we rise on an external surface of a leg back to coccyx (a band 4) (fig. 28, a back view see), there we boost feel to a maximum and we go forward (as though through), transferring to a frontal surface in a band 1 («the Dwelling of the old maid»). Here is how this moment in ancient "Canon" is figuratively outlined: «Transit on a visit and warm warm-heartedness the dwelling of the old maid.


Fig. 29. Exercise 1. Exercise is fulfilled at decrease of a potency at men and sexuality at women

If it holds down in the bosom a rock, make so that she has rejected it ». That is in a band 1 blowing-down is made, but small (with maximum magnification of feel), then we transfer, as is shown in fig. 30, on a back — in a band 3 (« the Dwelling of the father », blowing-down), further we move through an arm to a band 2 (« the Dwelling of the cowardly bulimic », blowing-down and magnification feel to a maximum), then goes downwards and back (as though through) in coccyx field (a band 4) where we boost feel to a maximum, we transit forward through, then we transfer to an outer surface of the left leg and is descent downwards — to an external surface of the left stack, without capturing only a thumb. It is one passage.

Further again we transfer to the right stack and it is iterated all once again. In total it is possible to make on 2 passages with each of feels.

In process of mastering of these exercises (through 10-15 agings) passages with each of feels are led one time.

Exercises of targeted actions

Indispensable reminder. From more low enumerated exercises you should select one-two according to character of your disease.

Exercise 1

Complex of the exercises executable at gynecologic diseases and for rising (normalisation) of sexuality at women and men (fig. 29, 30, 31, 32). Diseases of a genitourinary orb: violation of function of an uropoiesis, a cystitis, a cystalgia, an impotency, frigidity, violations of a menstrual cycle; psychoemotional disorders, vegeto-vascular dystonic violations; allergic diseases.

We begin with heat. We concentrate T in the field of an urinary bladder (1), we boost it to a reasonable maximum, then it is made 5-10 passages deep into back, as though through (2), being shut down (for 2-3 secs) in depth, approximately at centre of the warmed up bulk. Further we concentrate T in the field of the right heel (4), leading up to a reasonable maximum, then it is moved it hill up on an anticnemion flank surface, without reaching a popliteal space. We transfer to a side face of the right leg, we boost T, we hold down it 2-3 secs and we transfer then to analogous field of the left leg (3) where also we hold down T 2-3 secs then it is descent downwards — to the left heel. After a time delay (2-3 secs) we leave hill up and we are returned by same means in the right heel. It is one passage.


Fig. 30. Exercise 1а. «The flowerbud of a paradise lily»

Such passages it is made 5-10 — with each of feels. It is possible to begin with any heel.

Exercise 1 and

«A flowerbud of a paradise lily» (fig. 30).

Sequentially we cause feels (it is resembled, it is necessary what to begin certainly with heat) in lobes, thus we remember that these feels not external, and originate from inside — as on a skew field front (lobes 1, 2, 3), and in its back part (lobes 4, 5, 6). We transit on two times each lobe (1… 6), (1… 6) also we transfer to following exercise.

Exercise 1

«A bell-flower over a cradle» (fig. 31).

In lumbar field () we concentrate feel, we lead up it to a reasonable maximum and it is kept 8-10 secs, then it is moved through, forward — in urinary bladder field () where also we keep 8-10 secs, saving at the same level of a reasonable maximum. Then hardly we leave deep into and there, inside, approximately in the middle of bulk, we start to move this feel from a sheer plan to a sheer plan — on a course of hip joints (folds) as it is demonstrated on fig. 14. We make 15-20 movements in each side then, without interrupting, we transfer at exercise 1в.


Exercise 1 in (fig. 32)

On the right () or at the left () in field hardly above the applicable hip joint, in the heart of bulk — we boost feel to a reasonable maximum, simultaneously retaining it within 8-10 secs, then it is moved it hardly more low to field behind an urinary bladder () where also we keep 8-10 secs. Then we move feel to inverse field (and or) — it is analogously kept there and we are returned in field behind an urinary bladder (). It is one passage, such passages it is made 5-6.

It is more reasonable to make all these three exercises at first with feel Т+П, then with Х+П, but it is possible to fulfil them and in another way, sequentially alternating in everyone T, P and X.


Exercise 2

«Lobes of a flower of a pancreas and a lien» (fig. 33).

Diseases of organs of a gastrointestinal tract: gastritises, a peptic ulcer of a maw and a duodenum, violation of functions of a thin and thick intestine, constipations, diarrhoeia; an impotency and other diseases of a genitourinary orb; vegeto-vascular dystonic violations, an idiopathic hypertensia, lesions of peripheric and central excitatory system.


Fig. 33. Exercise 2. «Lobes of a flower of a pancreas and a lien»

We begin from the interior of the right stack (2), enveloping only a thumb, we rise to field of an urinary bladder (3) on an interior true rake of a leg, further, hardly deflecting sideways, we leave in nadpupochnuju field where we boost feels to a reasonable maximum, making small (2-3 secs) blowing-down. Then open passage deep into and inversely (2 times), further, without interrupting, «we draught a lobe» (5) — on the right (as it is demonstrated on fig. 16), rising on an arc to subclavial level and transiting through papilla field. In point 4 — blowing-down (2-3 secs) with simultaneous magnification of feel, then «we draught a lobe» at the left — analogously and symmetrically right. Again blowing-down and feel magnification in point 4 then we go, slightly deflecting sideways, downwards — to an urinary bladder (3) and then it is descent to inside of the left stack. It is one passage. We make on one on each feel. It is possible to begin with any leg.

Exercise 3

«The dwelling of experiences» (fig. 34).

Diseases of organs thoracal and an abdominal cavity and a small foot bath; psychoemotional disorders; an epilepsy; lesions of peripheric and central excitatory system; vestibular disorders; diseases of an external and interior ear; neuralgic implications of a cervical osteochondrosis; illnesses of endocrine system.

Exercise is fulfilled in some stages.

A.Nachinaem from a wrist of the left arm (1), we transit an arm as though through, enveloping it from inside, further through an arm — we fall in field 3, we envelop — all bodily — a neck, further — through the right arm — we fall in a right hand and it is similarly descent on it to a wrist, then we are returned to an initial left wrist by same means (fig. 34, an anterior aspect).


Fig. 34. Exercise 3. «The dwelling of experiences»

It is one passage. We iterate 3 times (that is it is made such 3 passages). B.Perehodim on legs. We begin with the left stack (2), we rise hill up on a leg, enveloping it completely from inside (6), further — through an urinary bladder — we transfer to the right leg, we are sinked analogously to the right stack, then again we transfer to the left stack (2) and this passage once again is iterated, concluding driving in the right stack.

V.Dalee we transfer to lobes in the field of a neck. We transit them sequentially on a circle (1… 6) two times. Radiating (T, P or X) goes as if from inside, from depth of a lobe, trying to envelop a neck completely.

G.Dalee we transfer to back field of a neck (7) (fig. 15, a back view see). We concentrate feel, then it is moved by open forward-rearward movements (3-4 times) and we are returned in field 7. Then we are sinked down to coccyx (10) where it is made small blowing-down (2-3 secs), then we leave in field 8 where we boost feels to a reasonable maximum with simultaneous small blowing-down (3-4 secs) then we rise in field 7. Blowing-down (3-4 secs) with simultaneous magnification of feel to a reasonable maximum, then we are sinked in field 9 and again we rise in field 7. We make one more such passage and this stage of exercise in the field of coccyx (10) is concluded.

Exercise 4

«Side panels of an angel over bitterness road» (fig. 35).

Small intestines diseases.

It is fulfilled as "great circle", but not only from the face-to-face side of a skew field, but also from a back.

We begin with excursion of feel from an arm in an arm — through a shoulder girdle. The feel leaves a palm, capturing a little finger and a ring finger. We rise on an arm dorsum as it is demonstrated on fig. 35, we make small blowing-down in a band 1, further we transfer to a vertebrae and it is symmetrically descent to an inverse palm. We are returned by same means. It is one passage. Such passages it is made 3 — with each feel. Exercise is led as though through, deeply.


Fig. 35. Exercise 4.

«Side panels of an angel over bitterness road»

Exercise 5

"Main road" (rice, 36).

Diseases of a thick intestine.

In the same way, as we start to make "great circle", we quit the right ileal field (5), we move sja clockwise.


We make approximately 10 turns on a course of a thick intestine. We transfer in belly centre, here we boost feels, we go deep into, as though through, we transfer to lumbar field where we boost feels to a reasonable maximum, making small blowing-down for 2-3 secs. Then we roam feels hill up on a vertebrae to level of a shoulder girdle (1) where again we boost feel, also making small blowing-down for 2-3 secs. We start to move feels but an arc — with a sheer plan sideways (4) on shoulders behind — as if from inside (rice, 36, a back view).


We make it 4 times, we are returned in field 1 where again we boost feels to a reasonable maximum, making again small (2-3 secs) blowing-down, then we are sinked on a vertebrae in field 2 where also (for some secs) we boost feel. Here exercise for a thick intestine concludes.

It is possible to begin with field 1: there and inversely on an arc 3 times, concluding in the field of 1; then we are tapped off to belly-button level, we go forward — to the right ileal field, we make gyrations on "great circle", we conclude in the field of a belly-button.

Exercise 6

«A hilus to a realm» (fig. 37).

Diseases of a pituitary body and endocrine glands.

All fields marked with circles, — «the Hilus to a realm» (1-8). We transit all of them in sequence, leading up feels to enough bright. In fields 3 and 4 it is made small blowing-downs, we hold down feels for 3-4 secs. On a head relocation happens how it is demonstrated on fig. 37, in — on 3 times with each of feels. We begin with 1, making passages back, as if through — 3-4 times. Thus, all points it is passable on 1 time (except 1 and 2).


1 — an urinary bladder, — a 2-uterus, — 3 — a fatend

1st stage. Learn to reduce this muscle a will effort. Begin with slow abbreviations: squeezing (3 secs) — unclamping (3 more). At first will be not so easily, case then will go lighter as the muscle will become stronger. Try not to reduce a prelum abdominale muscle thus. Practise to sense of light fatigue of a muscle.

2nd stage. Accelerate pace of abbreviations, accelerate them on rising, achieving feel of "flutter". On it it is required to you no more than 2-3 days.

3rd stage.
The durable and steady abbreviation of a muscle (you as if try to retract any subject in a vagina). Fix a muscle in closed »a type within approximately 3 secs.

To train a muscle it is possible some times in day (2-3 times) approximately for 2 minutes.


Fig. 13. A card of erogenic bands of the woman (on Century To Zdoravomyslovu): 1 — a clitoris; 2 — an urethra, — 3 — an uteral cervix; 4 — a lower part of a belly 5 — a belly-button,-6 — setpins (+осязание); 7 — a mamma; 8 — a papilla; 9 — tongue (+ taste); 10 — a mouth,-11l — a nose and olfaction; 12 — eyelids (+ sight); 13 ear (+ audition); 1.4 — a neck,-15 — «the cat’s place»; 16 — a loin a 17-SACRUM; 18-breeches; a 19-rear crest; 20-introitus; 21 — an anus, — 22 — an internal surface of hips.

Exercise 2

It is routed on rising of a tonus of adductors of a hip that also considerably increases sensuality of the woman.

»When you nobody sees dwellings, walk (barefoot go in fitting slippers) putting heel one legs back-to-back to a sock another (fig. 14). Thus legs should hardly"be braided", it is intimately touching each other.


Exercise 3

It is routed on solidifying of muscles of a prelum abdominale and a perineum. (It perhaps, the most exigeant exercise, make it with sufficient caution.)

Lying on a rug on a flap (or on a rigid easly surface), we hoist stretching legs to a ceiling, then by means of arms we try to allocate a foot bath bevel way 45 ° to a floor (fig. 15). Legs thus remain straight lines. At first we hold down this position some secs, then gradually we lead up holding time till 1 minute. To do this exercise 2-3 times a day are possible also, but it is no more.

There is still a complicated alternative of exercise (for those to whom it under force) when bevel way 45 ° to a floor it is allocated (by means of arms, elbows are rested against a floor) almost all trunk (legs are thrown up to a ceiling). Thus on a flap there is a head, arms and a back part.

To "stand" in such standings about 3 minutes, but not dolee are possible.

Attention! It is not necessary to make self-massage at strong krovjanistyh separation during the monthly.

If your malaise becomes aggravated (there will be krovjanistye separation, will be boosted or there will be pains) — be referred to it easy, "affably". It is very good sign: means, recuperation has begun, the process of reconstruction has gone, — and illness yields oproshchalnyj horn ». In a day or two such peaking usually transits.


And last. For an instant do not doubt success, believe in itself!

About the chest form

On internal occupations many schoolgirls alive are interested in this problem. Ask is more often how to enlarge a chest. To diminish sizes of the bust for some reason singletons are aimed only.

It is necessary to resemble once again, lovely ladies that the constitution of the person Mother Nature so do not judge too severely — to whom that is yielded manages. The procedure can contribute only in a reality improvement of the quality (in an event with a chest is an excision of doze, recovery of elasticity and etc.). These processes if you diligently are engaged in agings, already actively go to you, after all the rejuvenation envelops all organism. As mammas are included in sexual system of the woman meditative gynecologic massage has beneficent action on them. Exists as well feedback. For example, practically at each young mum when it yields a chest to the kid, the uterus automatically contracts.

More shortly, work and be not anxious, your organism will make all itself. Do not doubt — the effect will be excellent. However, that who all the same sleeps and sees how to enlarge the bust, it is possible to yield a row practical and enough effective advice.

For reaching of the desirable purpose to you follows:

1) to be corrected, type weight. Think over the ration/add in it buckwheat cereal, Persian walnuts;

2) whenever possible to activate intimate life, shunning application of preservatives. A semen, being imbibed in a vagina mucosa very beneficently attacks an organism of the woman wherefore contains the whole complex biologically active materials (vitamins, Prostaglandinums, amino acids and many other things that does not have changeover and that you will not purchase in a drugstore);

3) during several cycles to accept folievuj an acid (vitamin В9) on one tablet (0,02 2 times a day;

4) to make by a straight line (contact) massage of mammas (lying or taking a shower to triturate a rasping mitten of a chest in the directions demonstrated on fig. 16), Schoolgirls ask often, a leah it is possible to make it at a mastopathy? Yes, it is possible. By the way, at a mastopathy it is possible to treat uzelochek a mamma, as a scar. Attention! In this case handling process necessarily should be concluded on a cryesthesia;

5) to apply (is not obligatory, but it is possible) devices shiatsu (Japanese therapy of pressing by setpins).


Press sequentially (fig. 17) on points in the field of a thyroid gland (not dolee 3 secs), on a point around a myelencephalon, on tops of shoulders, on points between blades (from 5 till 7 secs). It is necessary to press so that there was a feel, medial between pleasant and painfull. Pression on a thyroid gland should be a lung. We tread out within 2-3 secs, then we make a hiatus. We iterate reception of 5 times — from each side (at the left and on the right, pressing pustules of thumbs). Then all serial of pressings (on the right and at the left) is iterated triply.

The information to convergence. Some sexological centres (Moscow, in particular) successfully apply action LOD (local negative pressure on mammas). The bust size is thus enlarged approximately by 2 sizes. The apparatus is easy operating enough, it can use in house requirements.

Chapter 5


For eyes

If the soul lives in ears in eyes it looks, how in a mirror. So after all also it is told that eyes — a soul mirror! It in eyes is mirrored, and at once it is visible, what person.

On eyes judge, bad it or good. And on an iris of the eye and on driving of eyes spot, it is healthy or sick.

Eyes happen kind or malicious, tender, enamoured and sad, impudent, false and bad or clever, cheerful and correct. There are languishing eyes and "buttered" eyes.

That only by eyes make — wink, screw up, blink, slam, spin! Gawks and idlers the eyes usually stare or pjaljat. Eyes speak without words and closely listen. Even devour with the eyes if very much depend on someone and want to please it.

It is possible for the eyes not to believe or trust, drop by eyes or to make eyes, making advances to somebody.

Eyes make callous, bother, stick. Or show off, parading something, being praised. Sometimes, wishing to trick, cry eyes, and heart laugh. When around very much all much also you do not know where at first to look, eyes simply run up.

About the greedy and envious say that eyes at them zavidushchi, and arms zagrebushchi. And specially spiteful people can as if smooth — to send a view spoil, illness. From such bad eye our ancestors held down a fig in a bin.

More often the person in another’s eye sees a straw, and in the and logs will not differentiate, that is notes trifles behind others, and in itself — anything bad.

At pavor, it is known, eyes are specially great! When you are afraid of something it seems such huge and awful that eyes by itself are swelt.

On a nucha, of course, eyes do not happen, though some feel a back literally. But in a forehead over a bridge, there, where very relevant gland the pituitary body, is ostensibly a countersunk third eye which one can see all on light. Only not at everyone it is unclosed.

Well, still think that the right eye is hackled to pleasure, and left — to teardrops.

In general, our eye resembles the circular glass globule named by an eyeball. Through a pupil, a hole in an iris of the eye, light beams fall in an eye, refract and converge on a retina where there is an image of a visible subject which one optic nerves transmit in a brain. Round an eye, besides the nerves connected to a brain, muscles are. They too should be developed, training. From it not only sight will be refined, but also brain operation. And the third eye can to open also. However, before to us it is still far.

In ancient times both eyes termed as eyes, and one — an eye. Till now in Spanish, for example, tongue of eyes is "oho". So not without reason the oculist — the oculist, dwelling eyes — windows and on a nose — points.

And the pupil had other name — a pupil earlier. Now, apparently, words "are clear spare, as an eye pupil". Now would tell easier — as an eye pupil.

Generally, as soon as call poor eyes: looked, eyes, full-spheres, muttered, banki. Hardly any muttered can make out something decent.

There is a good word "glazouteshnyj". That is pleasant to an eye. Here is how time of exercise of atlases very much glazouteshny! They will make you big-eyed, sharp-sighted, seeing well without any subsidiary implements, like points. From their eyes down with, from heart, these points! For ever to forget expression "eyes as flat dishes, instead of see not chips".

The eye is connected in due course. Not without reason atlases have measured a time by nictitations. And the eye a century, that is in one hundred years is covered. So much healthy human life not less should last is hardly more three billions instants. They so promptly fly by! Silly to spend precious instants for any nonsense like illnesses. Where it is better to fulfil exercises of atlases and to be happy and healthy — hundred years or more.

Introduce that you in the infinite floor. Know, working scaffolds ushast, and a field glazasto? In other words, in working scaffolds it is well audible, and afield all is visible, from edge to edge. Try now, without propelling a head, to estimate spacing intervals by eye, from one pratal centaurea to another, from a trefoil to a daisy wheel. That let a look farly-far return back, to the left to the right, developing a visual estimation.

You see leaves and lobes, bowties and bees on flowers and an ant running on a blade. It is so much life in this perfect world! Its any instant is wonderful!

In such remarkable mood also begin exercises for eyes, sending them love and gratitude for each driving. We remain in private with the eyes. As they say, confidentially.

Each of these exercises has two steps — with open eyes and with folded. Necessarily fulfil them at least once a day, having expended only ten minutes, or six hundred instants.

Exercise № 1: the head endways, is not thrown back, and the view is routed to the root. We will prolong driving of eyes hill up as if it is very interesting to you to glance under a forehead, there, where there should be a third eye.

Then eyes are directed downwards, and you prolong mentally their driving as if looking in a fossa under a throat where the thyroid gland is.

Exercise № 2: we look to the right, trying to make out a floret behind an ear. All attention together with eyes leaves to the right and further to a nucha.

In the same way we look to the left, a leah is a floret and behind other ear. Only remember that in nowise it is impossible to be overstressed.

After transactions rest is necessary to eyes. Therefore necessarily fulfil relaxing exercises which one you will discover on following page.

Exercise № 3: the head is nonmotile, as before, and eyes are propelled on a great circle.

Introduce a gold index dial. This bloom helps to recover sight. Slowly move a view, marking each digit, clockwise and then — against. The circle should be gained easly as on compass, and over and over again to be enlarged.

Exercise № 4: the head is absolutely nonmotile.

Introduce that at you in the face of a major quadrate, like billiard desktop, at which one on billiard pocket angles. And here you should tyre out eyes full-spheres in these billiard pockets.

At first the view is let in an upper-left-hand corner, then in lower-lefthand. Therefrom in the upper right corner and, at last, in the lower right. Full-spheres remains more many. We drive one to a lower-lefthand corner. Another — in an upper-left-hand corner. Third — in the lower right corner. And last — in upper right.

Motions smooth, not the intermittent. Then we relax eyes, easily and often nictating them as it was made by atlases of nation morgaev. It is not necessary shchuritsja and to swell eyes is creates a harmful excessive strain.

Exercise № 5: now imagine a track bed of the railroad in the form of a figure of eight lying edgewise on which one the steam locomotive pulls coaches.

Trace eyes weigh its trajectory — through small rivers, fields, groves. Some times, from one station to another. In one side, and then it is inverse.

Also yield eyes rest, blink, creating such feel as if look at flickering trees behind a coach window.

Exercise № 6: it should be fulfilled in a quiet situation that anybody suddenly has not frightened you.

Look both eyes at a nose end. Or on an index finger, approaching it to a nose so that eyes converged gradually.

When conclude this manoeuvre, have absent-mindedly a look forward, resting. And the attention runs up on the sides.

Then we bring together eyes to a bridge, and again — a vacant glance forward. Then to a point between brows and "is released to take a walk" ahead.

Driving of eyes smooth and quiet. You admire a nose. Very pleasant to make out it properly — from an end to brows and it is inverse. This exercise, developing oblique muscles of eyes, it helps to be saved of short-sightedness. And over and over again, from exercise to exercise, you become more sharp-sighted, and a view more acutely, more clearly, and on a shower the pleasure and delight because eyes are compliant and see how you wish!

But do not forget to yield them rest — an overvoltage only degrades sight. Necessarily select not less than ten minutes in day to special relaxing occupations. Though the more often to fulfil them, the better for eyes.

Easily and freely, as a flitting moth side panels, blink eyes. By it your arms will help to be relaxed. Remember, how arm "paintbrush" in Spanish sounds?


System Norbekova practice

To live «here and now» — means, actively to prove in today, without being clinged for the past and without hoping for tomorrow. To live in "now" — means every second to be engaged in implementation of the capabilities, optimum using a situation and with the least losses slipping out the nets outlined on us by vital condition. To live in "now" — means to see, hear and feel specially obostrenno, without missing from a circle of the attention a uniform crumb from this that is accessible to a look, distinctly audition and is conformable to heart or soul.

Losses such are irreplaceable. Having slackened sight, the under audition and a low-level sex tonus, the person cannot be rather happy, its responses are braked, it is always plashed somewhere behind, being in time anywhere and everywhere to shapochnomu to separation while the celebratory front of turbulent life step by step leaves forward.

«Here is not present, — somebody can state, let us assume, in every respect the nice girl in too strict, but in general points going to it. — I do not delay at all on any feast of life. Sight, of course, at me podguljalo, but points gain. My audition too leaves much to be desired, but a player always at me. As to a sex tonus it is not very necessary to me, the main thing that my Serzhik (Rubik, the Centaurea, Teodoro) was happy. It such inventor that its sex tonus suffices on us a two. Here you want-not you want, and you try to please it».

The lovely girl, your proximity with Serzhikom (the Centaurea, Rubikom, Teodoro) would acquire absolutely other painting if not you, and your beloved rose, is raspingly speaking, on ears to fulfil your fleeting whim or an intimate whim. But to you — alas! — there is nothing to puzzle the beloved as you have no proper submission about the physicist of erotic perceptions wherefore your sensuality (judging by «you want-not you want») is filled with a deep sleep. Reflect that to you hinders to test all completeness of sensual feels. Was possiblly, your defective sight. You after all take out points before travelling to a bedroom. You after all at all do not perceive, how the flesh acutely responds to visual messages and what «light of desires» vozzhigaet in lovers the visual overture inviting to a love play. It is not eliminated also that in your coldness you is guilty zastabilizi-rovannaja gluhovatost. You after all do not hear that he whispers, as breathes, responding to each your driving as the silk furniture of a love bed rustles. You after all at all do not suspect that sometimes rhythmics of passion is urged forward most advantageously by a ring of bed springs. Was possiblly also (excuse for indispensable detail drawing), your bosom is hardly wider than arguments of your gentleman that creates certain difficulties in perception of sensual feels as directly to you, and your vis-a-vis. Gynecologic meditative self-massage with ease eliminates this flaw, he trains muscles of a vagina and reduces its size, not to mention activating of the excitatory tissue braiding walls of a so-called shelter of carnal love.

So, the lovely girl, your involvement in a life feast, more likely, looks like involvement of the waitress in a noisy feast, whose role is restricted to frameworks "give-bring". You use and will use until you will not fathom that your "small" flaws occlude to you a trajectory to major rigorous life.

Besides, ours sight and audition urged to carry a security load, notifying us about possible hazard or threat. They are the outposts of our immune system which have been put forward in an external world. The person nedobiraet information on a rounding environment it is easly on so much percents, on how much its these organs are oppressed and, means, is easly in this ratio remains unguarded from exterior expansion.

As to the sensual side of human relations probes in this field have demonstrated for a long time dependence of our ego on a level of satisfaction of our intimate needs.

The output arises by itself: our eyes, ears and genitals are worthy to contain them in the ideal order. We are simply bound in every possible way them to nurse and care, eliminating the slightest perturbations, capable to slacken functions of these organs, by special exercises and non-contact training of a skew field about which one talk in a following (final) part true ^ operations will go.

Men, truth, can complain that in the present transactions too much attention is given to a ghee — nekologii while about staminate problems in it it is not said a word. To abirritate, I illustrate that in the book «Lessons of Norbekova» me, on an example, explicitly has been considered drevnekitajskaja engineering of blanking of the staminate seed, multiply increasing a potency of gentlemen. The ladies’ problematics there has been imprudently bypassed by me, and now I only meet a lack, apologising for the oversight.

Sight and audition improving

People with the slackened sight and audition should give to this chapter especial attention. Applying the skills gained at mastering of key positions of section «system Norbekova Practice», they in 10-15 days can recover functions of a defective organ without engaging of any medical products. And both sight, and audition by close and diligent operation find an absolute sharpness.

Sight improving

What can return luster and vivacity to an extinct look? «A glass something toning up», — you will tell. Well, perhaps, but it, alas, for a short while. And then, hardly vozlijanie (even reasonablly and strictly dosed) capable to return to your view a former sharpness.

Eyes of the person many troubling, but a little caring of the physical condition, it is constant (and it is excessive) are strained. We should to teach be relaxed our organs of sight and easy to react to exterior stimuli. What is the main thing from such stimuli? A sunlight. Means, solar hardening (solarization) is primely indispensable for tired eyes. It together with subsequent durating palmingom should precede without fail to your main operation on sight improving.

Yield we will consider, as it is better to get down to business, that as soon as possible and more qualitatively to overcome a malaise constraining you.

1. Solar hardening (a solarization on a method of Bejttsa1) Maiden. Wait solar day and be allocated on light and shade boundary. So that it "sectioned" you in vertical direction from an end of a nose to an inguen (one leg — on the sun, another — in a shade).

1 Margaret D. Korbit. An administration to prompt improving of sight. — thy dwelling, 1992. — № 3-4. With. 65-68.

To find such place it is easy. On the nature this effect will yield a corner your country, we will tell without false modesty, a country house, and dwelling — an open window or a door jamb. Points — down with, eyelids are closed, a chin will throw up. Sun rays wobble to you endways in podbrovnye arcs (more precisely, in one of them). Deeply having inhaled, start to turn a head. There-here, there-here, from light — in darkness, from light — in darkness. The head is free from thoughts and cares, in it, tracking with motions, two phrases sound an inaudible refrain only: «the Sun has disappeared, the sun has come!»

Iterate motions until your eyes will not cease to start from painful nyxes, coming up on a glare.

The second. Now rise on the sun, as before without unclosing eyes. Your task to be turned by all body that to the right, to the left (hardly shifting from one foot to the other). Prolong to think: «the Sun has gone to the right, and I — to the left, the sun — to the left, and I — to the right!» — both etc. and etc. These thoughts seem unpretentious, but they are extremely relevant, wherefore do not yield your pupils defended by let down centuries, instinctively to be aimed to a bright light source. Do not allow the sun of to hypnotise, "slip" by it.

The third. When you will experience that your screwed up eyes are not galled any more with glowing of a luminary, will hang a head and unclose them, densely having covered with a palm one eye. Add setpins so that they, without dropping light, did not hinder driving of eyelashes. Prolong to be turned here and there, slipping by the ground a view and continuously blinking, and when will get used to such standing, throw up a head, without stoping turning movements and prolonging more often to blink. Then, having covered with a palm well worked eye, yield to practice second, and then, having taken out an arm from the person, put on use both eyes, without forgetting to blink. Amazement — here sense which one without fail will envelop you: you look endways at the sun, and it does not blind you. What has befallen yours «tender and painfull eyes», after all you were frightened even by casual flares in glasses of show cases?

But — be not overzealous. As soon as before your look the light yellow-green ruffle will start gleaming, immediately retire — hide in a coolness, in a shade. Also apply palming about which one it will be told more low.

2. Palming

Having concealed in a shade, be allocated was more friend and cover eyes with palms, without touching eyelashes. Eyelids are closed, the skew field is relaxed. Mentally wrap itself black silk or be tolerated to a cosmos southern bezzvezdnoj nights. Stay in such state about half of minute (if the solarization session lasted 15 secs). Palming during solar hardening it is recommended to apply 2-3 times. It should occupy twice more time, than exercise is direct. (The same rule should be observed and at working on by audition improving.)

Gradually your eyes will get used to perceive a sunlight with delightful ease, and on mountain ski walks you will cease to worry, where your black glasses were rubed. You can admire now without noises and scintillation of an aqueous smooth surface, and sparked snow flatness, and luster of hot wilderness. Head lamps of colliding motor vehicles will cease to blind you, you at last will manage to value illumination of noisy urban streets on advantage. You we will find rest and reliance of situations where you the trouble and a boring more recently seized. Isn’t that so, such scoring costs some ueily from the person, intending it to gain?

Besides, vivifying power of the sun generously runs in in a tender tissue of a retina and feeds an optic nerve, contributing in an intense metabolism. A solarization strenghtens eyes healthy and well treats sick eyes. The retina of the trained eyes pink, radiates with energy, the retina of the eyes shunning the sun, looks fallow, lifeless — any expert doctor will tell about it to you. Plus to that, the sun adds to a view that luster and that inartificial vivacity about which one we spoke in an initiation of this chapter.

Let’s transfer to the main exercises recovering lost visual acuity. In many events they yield perfect результаты1.

1. Close and farly

For operation it is required very little: a stamp or other picture a size 3×3 centimetre (it is desirable green tints), a window both any nonmotile and pleasant object in the long term (the dwelling, a tree, the made fast to the pier vessel).

We initiate with lens ageing: our apparatus of an accomodation has a little stagnated. We should inure it to operate at the full capacity. Be assured, it to us on an arm.

So, the picture is stuck to glass, here it — before us (apart 20-25 sm, but a little below level of eyes). We look at it 3-5 secs, then 3-5 secs — afar, on the chosen superliner, then — again on a picture and again on — the ship. We look easy, without being strained, not shchurjas. We do not hurry up anywhere and we are not aimed to investigate into details — we simply look.

1 Lost visual acuity at observance of all pointed standings, as a rule, is recovered  to unity.

We not less than hundred times in succession translate a look from close on far and we make it daily to a sight complete recovery — only and in any way differently, we are people persistent, we will gain the. It doesn’t matter, if the maiden successes are less than are retiring, the main thing — store each short step, each microscopical detrusion to improving, fix in memory the state for this moment.

2. Exercises with feels T, P, X (heat, a pricking, chill)

Here we work in sequence. We close down eyes, we cause in an occipital part of a head feel T (heat) (as more as possible accurate) and it is kept it there within 20 secs. We make so 2-3 times (while the feel does not become bright enough), then mentally we start to move it from a nucha to eyes and it is inverse, expending on each relocation approximately for 5 secs. We iterate it 5-10 times. Then we fulfil all enumerated with open eyes (fig. 7 and rice »8).

If case is not got on, to transfer to operation with other types of feels it is impossible. It is necessary to achieve flaps freedom noy in reciprocal excursions T.


Further in the same succession we get liberty in circulation with feel P (pricking), and then — with feel of X (chill) then we complicate the task. The linear relocation are exchanged by the screw. We are trained by the same (above described) fashion and in the same succession to roam T — P — and H-sensations from a nucha to eyes (and it is inverse) on a convergent (extending) coil (fig. 9). Gyration can be made in an either direction (clockwise or against it).

Having become successful in these relocation, it is possible to transfer to following process.

3. Operation with a subject

Here any house thing approaches. Mope-eyed it is recommended to select a desk lamp or a pattern hanging on a wall. Hyperope it is recommended to use the book. The main thing — to rise from a subject apart from which one it is visible to you worst of all. Having risen, we start to consider this subject, slightly moving eyes here and there. We look absolutely easy — without being strained, not shchurjas.


Exercise lasts 30 secs. We iterate it 3 times. Then we change light aspect angle, having turned in other side. Visual inspection also is led triply then we are reset and again 2-3 times closely we look at the subject selected us.

It is necessary to anticipate: sight improving (the same as also audition) happens on rising, but — not linearly. Positive detrusions here are alternated with negative as inflows with tides, but, fortunately, negative events are short-term and eventually damp. The main thing during "tides" — not to lose sports spirit and desire to defeat. Your desire to cope with an annoying malaise is one of the major factors of the future success. Is still very relevant to fix in memory the state during the moments of "inflows" and to try to clear this state in itself, initiateing with this or that exercise.

If one you — an eye sees normally, during exercises cover it, training a defective organ.

Do not forget to alternate marginal feels. If one day is begun with heat, another should be begun with chill. Feel P (prickings) always goes or for T (heat), or behind X (chill)!

And last. Remove in a container of desktop or in a long-range bin, maybe, become by road to your heart, but in general a bagatelle hindering you. We mean points. Get used to do without them. Success to you and good luck!

Audition improving

Practice of mental relocation of feels (non-contact self-massage) yields very good effect at many diseases tracked by reduction of audition (otites, acoustical disorders »connected to tympanic membrane injuries, etc. If the hearing aid of the pupil is not destroyed, acutely that of its audition, as a rule, it is completely recovered. Happens, on occupations in bunches people to whom has denied assistance not only ours, but also foreign official medicine come. Having mastered exercises, they are more narrow in some days start to hear, (apart in 15-20 metres) voices, athuts the TV set, bark of dogs and t. d,

1. Operation with feels T. P, X (heat, a pricking, chill)

We close down eyes, we assemble in a nasopharynx (in the field of a soft palate) feel T (heat). We introduce it more brightly and it is kept approximately 20 secs (it is iterated 2-3 times). Then we start to roam the T-ball to ears and it is inverse, slowly, expending approximately for 3-5 secs on each shuttle relocation (pov — torjaem 5-10 times). Then we fulfil all aforesaid with open eyes (fig. 10).

Thus we try to warm up well a nasopharynx and ears (from inside) pleasant curative heat, with each repetition hardly enlarging intensity of T-radiation.


Then after short (15-20 secs) rest it is similarly worked with feel N, then — with H.

To transfer to ageing with other feel, exercise with previous was not gained yet, it is impossible. Improvings in this case will not set in.

Having got liberty in the linear relocation of feels, we complicate the task. We start to move them on a nasopharynx coil-from to ears and it is inverse — clockwise or against it (fig. 11).

If you are hard of hearing only on one ear, all the same pay attention to both ears, but preference donate a defective organ. That is roam feels in the core towards an unhealthy ear.

Sometimes after such operation the "bad" ear starts to hear better the healthy. In practice similar events are frequent.

Well having worked the stands set forth above, we transfer to other (main) exercise.

2. The main exercise

We include the radio so that sounds not so clearly reached us, or we appeal for somebody to slander (bubnit) any text. We cover with a palm a healthy ear and we listen attentively in "bubnezh" (but without efforts, not so trying).


We simply listen, but thus very much we want to hear well and we know that this capability to us will very soon come. Thus we listen attentively approximately 30 secs and we make small (5-7 secs) a breather. We iterate it to 10 times {exercise it is possible to make some times in day).

It is is very relevant — to want to hear all better and better. Without this all-consuming desire and without self-trust the success will not come. Is still very relevant to master well operation with relocation of feels that before the main ageing properly to warm up, stir up and mentally promassirovat unhealthy acoustic organs. At observance of two these requirements the positive effect is warranted, the ion will not keep you waiting. It is necessary to mark also that audition improving (as well as sight correction) not the linear process. It goes on increasing, but — is wave-shaped (with "inflows" and "tides"). For the best progress of the case fix mentally the state during the moments of "inflow" and, training, try to cause it in itself.

Remember: the desire should hear is constant to accompany you is better. And still believe that sensory acuity to you without fail will return. And "to attain desired effect to you operation, instead of miracles any there will help simple, in blanket.

«Well, as, not a chance! — someone can tell. — I on doctors run so much years and is all the same dummy, as a stump. All has already tried — both that, and it. No, dear trainer, to someone, can, help and is possible, but precisely it is impossible for me!»

I state with the complete liability: you cannot be helped only in the event that you have membranes or ossicles of an interior ear are destroyed. That is an invincible hindrance to a recovery only rasping anatomical flaws can minister, All remaining noises on this trajectory are removable and »in most cases, — it is very easily. But the procedure helps to manage and rather serious illness.

You know, what such an auditory nerve neuritis (specially at children) or what such an arachnoiditis? The maiden event of overcoming of a malaise of similar gravity has happened, as it seemed, is absolutely casual and has been perceived as a fate gift.

In bunch the teenager, almost the boy, with an adenoid disease and absolute lack of audition has arrived, which one else in early age at it doctors have taped. In some days after an initiation of occupations the child began to explain characters that hears any hums. Anybody has not attached it especial meaning wherefore the main emphasis of agings was made on its tonsils. Further — it is more. The boy has started to hear a screen of machines, then loud voices, and eventually with it became possible to communicate with the help of ordinary speech. However, the teenager after many years of sound air void began to be unmade not at once, where a human voice, and where a tractor roar. It had to start from straight, that is to learn to differentiate sounds and correctly to use vocal chords.

Now similar events are not unit. This great happiness — to watch, as finds audition the person to whom have failed in hope both all doctors, and all textbooks of the modern world medicine. But, unfortunately, cls for group occupations cannot contain all.

And still painfully to understand that children with heavy and, stochki visions of official medicine, "incurable" disorders of audition are directed to schools for deaf-mutes. Their acoustical organs there are ultimately doomed to failure to act, dialogue goes through a facial expression, gestures, and after all these children still can be dragged from a silence gloom. Tragedy that kiddies get used to sound air void. They even do not try to quit a drama situation because they could not be taught, and they do not know, how it to make.

In the core in bunches for occupations on the yielded procedure people with the acquired shut-downs of audition are sampleed. The procedure all the same is not omnipotent, and the audition pathology is specially manifold. But that who is admitted to occupations, yields a warranty on success. Thank God, to blush it is necessary to nobody: for the ninth-tenth day of occupations sensory acuity is recovered practically at all pupils.

And what with the kiddies pining in special schools?

To take them in bunches longly fear hindered. At first, scarecrows zatrudnennost in dialogue. If the child does not hear, how he can explain something there? Secondly… It after all children. In case of defection how to look them in the face?

To break a pavor parting layer the event has helped. Once in Ekaterinburg condition was added so what not to accept to instruction bunch of kiddies of "surdomute" school simply it was impossible. Diagnoses — the most remediless. Incurably, incurably, incurably — neither at us, nor in the world, anywhere. This information depressed, clogged consciousness, but… You want you do not want — it was necessary to roll up hoses. Prognoses on the future were introduced by the most sad, and still occupations have begun. And suddenly — about pleasure! — at some children acoustical responses — at first on loud hum, and soon and on voices began to be displayed quickly enough. Remaining kiddies too were activated, having seen, as their companions leave forward. To Someone from contemporaries lagging successes have hauled many afflictions, but eventually were unbent all.

Can introduce itself: the audition »was in a short space of time refined at all without exclusion of children. Improbably? But the fact is the fact.

Gynecologic non-contact self-massage

This is a precious gift to women, and first of all that who has despaired to find happiness in intimate life. Massage, increasing a vagina tonus, recovers all sharpness of sensual feels, beneficently influencing psychics of the schoolgirl.

Very much an important point: to make such massage, it is not necessary to walk anywhere — neither in hospital, nor in an out-patient department. It is not necessary to pine in queues and to depend on a level of proficiency of the masseur.

When speech goes about this (in general to the indispensable each woman) the routine, many women react approximately so:

• it is not so necessary for me, it — for young;

• to me not before — me other sores to manage;

• I am lone, from it to me will be even worse;

• I do not have any problems with gynecology, behind what to me any massage?

And so on.

What behind these responses it is concealed? Passivity and laziness.

Lovely schoolgirls! You, of course, at all idlers, you are adjusted on operation, you could not be encouraged. And still, perhaps, before an initiation of occupations not the superfluous will iterate one sound thought: the the medical means is more natural, the it is more effective. It is possible to refer all types of contact massages to such means, including and gynecologic, tendered in Europe more 100 years ago. It was elaborated in 1861 by the doctor Tour Brandt, but, without being the accoucheur-gynecologist, it had no sufficient weight among physicians practicing in this field and consequently this massage farly has affirmed not at once in the rights.

Contact gynecologic massage is capable to render ozdoravlivajushchee action not only on a uterus and sexual organs, but also on all organism of the woman, at the same time beneficently influencing psychics of the patient. Nevertheless now it is a little applied in clinical practice, and that is why.

Advantages of this type of massage like are obvious, however there is a considerable quantity of female diseases, at retention of what such action is simply inapplicable wherefore capable to aggravate development of disease-producing processes. Data of one of severe monographic probes on affected тему* are more low cited

Contact gynecologic massage is reasonable for leading at:

• the chronic inflammation of sexual organs which do not have predilections to frequent backsets;

• the irregular standings and metrectopias and vaginas;

• anatomical inferiority of a uterus (congenital and acquired);

• the functional inferiority of a uterus;

• anatomo-functional inferiority of the ligamentary apparatus and a pelvic bottom»

Diseases (or naturally flowing processes) at which one is contraindicative to lead  contact gynecologic massage, are divided on absolute and relative.

And. I, Benedicts D. And. Gynecologic massage and gymnastics. — Sverdlovsk: Publishing house Ural un y, 1990.

1. Absolute:

Acute and subacute inflammatory diseases of organs of a small foot bath;


Tuberculosis of female sexual organs;

Thrombophlebitis of pelvic veins;

Swellings of organs of a foot bath (malignant, good-quality and inflammatory);

Pregnancy (matrix and extrauterine).

2. Relative:

The chronic inflammatory diseases of sexual organs having predilection to frequent peakings (with a possible masked infection);


Uteral cervix erosion;

Hydrosalpinx, retentsionnye oothecomas;

Major varicose phlebectasias in a vagina;


Also such massage happens inconveniently to lead at:

• adiposity of an abdominal wall;

• a narrow short vagina?

• hypersensitivity to the yielded routine

• the painful feels originating in a time or after massage, and etc.

Besides, routine of massage is rather difficult, her should lead (without fail having allocated you in a gynecologic seat) specially trained doctor with special responsiveness in finger tips, instead of the customary medical sister with whom it is possible to chat in a female way about something.

Here to you a pattern, written, as they say, oil. It is extreme clear. Really and non-contact massage pulls behind itself a cart of analogous prohibitions and complications?

No, is not present once again is not present.

Let’s begin with that gynecologic meditative self-massage can successfully be applied at almost all types of female diseases set forth above and specially dejstven there where direct (contact) massage is contraindicative. To be engaged in non-contact massage it is not recommended to only pregnant ladies, and also in the events stipulated by general provisions of a procedure (chapter 3 «procedure Crucial elements»).

Except these events, such massage is demonstrated all women without exclusion — from the moment of puberty and to… mmm… Estimate, how old are you, and add 50 more. (Throw 25 more if to you and it will be a little). A unique hindrance to its application abnormality what almost you will not meet in the nature ministers, namely — complete (i.e. absoljutnejshee) lack at the woman of aiming to live, love and enslave. Fortunately, it is necessary to clashing with such appearance extremely rarely. Its first principle is covered, as a rule, in primary frigidity (natural coldness) patients.

Diligently being engaged in meditative ageing of the sexual organs, the woman can return in very short time to itself (or anew to find) all spectrum of sensual pleasures what youth enjoys, nonmeasurably having enriched, thus, the private life and at the same time having saved of flock of the nuisances accompanying the durable state of a sexual dissatisfaction.

«Remedilessly, — someone can tell, — I have tolerated process, at me all is remote — a uterus, appendages. What here private life? Everything that you here speak, to me and such as I, have no ratio.»

Has, and the most direct.

Yes, occasionally the fate not very much indulges women, it much should be carried out, but the difficult processes, to which one they are subjected, at all a halter to give up intimate relations as a bad job.

Why? Yes because «a shelter and a shelter» carnal love at women — the vagina, and its retentions is quite enough to lead standard life, without avoiding sensual pleasures. The main thing — not to be shorted, "not catch in cycles" on happened, not to consider itself "drawn", "defective", and to prolong to live, indifferently. The doctor is bound to keep a secret all convergence on such processes (it is stipulated by the law), you also have the right to anybody, first of all to the husband, any particulars not to uncover. In possible "information leakage" only your long tab, thus, will be guilty, however, with its help you can always change told and to recover in monogynopaedium (to your favour!) former peace and harmony.

By the way, the alternative is not eliminated that your house sex rating after process even will jump on some points, specially if to you maintaining hormonal treatment is assigned. The matter is that the human body works out both female, and staminate hormones. The level of sexual activity is thus spotted by level of a staminate sexual hormone — Testosteron-Depotum. After a surgical intervention this level in an organism of the woman as though goes hill up wherefore yield of female hormones drops. Some women who have tolerated processes such, feel strong enough inflow of "temperament", amazing the blagovernyh, not ready to such change of events.

Non-contact gynecologic massage has flock of advantages in comparison with contact massage. With its help:

Such gynecologic diseases as various Cysts, myomes and many other things from this that the official medicine only watches recover completely or operates (such recoveries — at all a scarcity, and an ordinary appearance to that there is a flock of documentary testimonies);

Intimate and intrafamily ratios as sexuality of the woman is increased are refined, it finds reliance and composure;

In a female organism are activated obshcheozdorovitelnye processes, many diseases, apparently, in any way not connected to a gynecologic illness (specially it concerns to a varicose phlebectasia) disappear, improving of sight, audition is marked, gastrointestinal tract operation (that is happens that it is possible to term as a powerful rejuvenation of an organism, recovery of biological youth) is stabilised;

Quickly enough also the chest form (the swagged chest is tightened, small — it is enlarged) is considerably refined;

The skew field mass is normalised.

All your sexual organs (each of them!) are massed actively, from inside, they turn on the most powerful self-regulation mechanisms (whereas the doctor masss only a uterus). Gynecologic self-massage, besides the solution of the target task »has the mediated action on all organism, direct — naorgany a small foot bath (an urinary bladder, a thick intestine, a fatend). Besides, such massage strenghtens tanks (and here them specially much) and"malaxates"tissues of neuroplexes.

It is a little history. Such type of action on sexual organs for the first time it is mentioned in ancient east tracts. In art of meditative self-massage trained girls, plotting for a marriage, adult women applied it first of all to ageing of muscles of a vagina. The tonus of muscles of a vagina was increased, it became more narrow, and as a result the man gained larger enjoying from proximity. Such women were appreciated much above others, a bride money for the trained girls paid in a tenfold size.

Now we will be converted to not so distant past.

Adding experience nedarnih years, to the advantages set forth above gynecologic automassazhamozhno to add the following:

* any of the women, the charted agings, has not marked impairments in the state of health or physical condition at accomplishment of exercises;

* at such self-massage the caumesthesia is saved much more longly (5, 6, 7 and even 8 hours), than after fizioprotsedur or contact massages (40-60 minutes a maximum); it warmly very pleasant, it warms up all lower part of a belly and lumbar field, relaxs and causes desire of proximity;

* the menstrual cycle is recovered practically always when it is possible to attack on at a peavine causing its violation (specially at a setting in climacterium);

• it considerably and completely morbidity disappears at monthly if before it has been expressed;

• sexuality (irrespective of age and even at the lone women who did not have of intimate contacts very for a long time) is recovered; auto-training directly ahead of proximity enlarges a sharpness of perception of sensual feels at both spouses;

• at the charted schoolgirls it is increased (that was very relevant for any woman) the self-esteem, a self-rating, changes for the better a view on many problems: on family interrelations, on interrelations of floors generally (and in particular, many start to perceive at last that these want from them intolerable and prilipchivye the man);

• husbands (it many schoolgirls also mark) are light adjusted on love contact, become precautionary, start to tend for blagovernymi, with explicit pleasure perceiving regulations of a new play.

Still it is represented not superfluous to add that application of meditative self-massage in the capacity of the main attacking means capable to cure some gynecologic diseases. The method meditative gynecologic autbmassazha is recognised by the invention which does not have world analogues,

How to make massage?

Massage is led in a meditation state. It is possible to sit, but to lie is better, having relaxed, having closed down eyes and hardly having incurvated legs in knees. All outside thoughts it is ejectable in a quadrate, except one: I am young, attractive, seductive, unique…

I am desired, all men of the world want me and will soon want even more strongly. Here was very relevant to be adjusted on an erotic surge, to give itself in a state of sexual excitation.

Do not hesitate, hook up imagination, recall from the life any not so retiring, but the sweet moment, introduce it to itself in colours, in details. As it was, when, where and with whom… Or was not, but could be… Or will be… Tomorrow… Today… Now… — prolong to inflate in itself a voluptuousness spark. Try to be saved mentally of everything that you brakes. To you it is is relevant on a sensual fashion to gain the sensual response of a skew field. What for? That your organism has helped you to launch the gear of abbreviation of a uterus.

It is a little physiology. The uterus always contracts consensually. Its muscles are similar to muscles of an intestine or tanks. The person cannot command to the person not to blush, and to a belly — not to mutter, they to itself masters in these problems. Abbreviations of a uterus too do not depend on our will. The uterus contracts at sexual intercourse when there sets in an orgasm (8-12 times). These are the strong, powerful abbreviations provoked by retention of the active stimulus. Gynecologic auto-training urged to "coax" non-contactly a uterus to contract hundreds times (more feeblly, truth, than at an orgasm, but in a state, very much to it close).

Indispensable reminder. Concern to the sexual organs with love and respect. In such harmonious facility as a human body, it is impossible to get favourites and derelicts. All organs are equally valuable to us and are relevant. — the customary ageing entering in a course on the yielded procedure, it it is impossible to fulfil non-contact massage of a uterus badly or somehow without it to be bypassed? To concern to the genitals with a piety, to environ, their weasel, heat and care completely not disgustingly, not badly, it is not a shame. It is a shame not to listen to their needs, it is a shame not to content their essential desires, it is a shame not to know at all that at us there inside below a belly-button. It is a shame and is extremely dangerous.

Happen at us a constipation for day-other — we there and then accept laxative, we run to the doctor, we will cut the pin — we smear with its iodine, we swaddle. And 5-6 abortions — are considered anything (many so arrive), and years without sexual contact, and contact without an orgasm — is not present problems, that’s nothing unusual (many so live and do not grieve). As a result — a chronic haemostasia, inflammations, the hemorrhoids, neurosises and other "florets", and after all behind them will go also "berries". The blooming woman drives itself into a corner, being transmuted into a sick sexless being. Words are not present to express, as all it is sad. It is sad… But it is reparable, store — all reparably and completely, it is necessary to regain consciousness, take only itself in arms and to rupture a vicious circle. The trajectory to you is pointed, and a select always for you.

The main exercise

Before a cut-in take a diary and skid in it your initial data: chest bulk, a state of sexual organs, and the main thing — value the sexuality. In some days again do it, compare effect to initial data. Do not forget about a belly: bloom, resiliency, shared state. So, we begin. We are adjusted on pleasant operation, we outline on consciousness an erotic crape. Eyes are folded, a position friend — we sit or is lain is better lain). We assemble heat () in the field of an urinary bladder (the uterus is allocated between an urinary bladder and a fatend, an urinary bladder — ahead, a fatend — behind), and also in lumbar field (there it is a lot of the nerve centres "answering" for a state of a uterus and other organs of a small foot bath). We make it approximately within 30 secs. We try to feel heat more brightly (it very pleasant, curative, well warms up). We keep feel till 30-60 secs, we enlarge, we boost as far as possible, without being restrained, then P.Oshchushchenie T + P to sweetly us is added to it, we try to feel it even more brightly… It very pleasant… Simultaneously we inflate in themselves lust, it excites, it as if maintains feel T + P, boosts it and is drained off with it… Even 30-60 secs… Then there should set in the moment when there will be a pleasant numbness in the field of an urinary bladder (as though an almost inaudible shiver — chattering + a numbness)… It is that moment with which one begin (you appeal for about it, you of it want) uterus abbreviation… And they begin — spontaneously — and last, last… You very much want it, you do not lose them… At the moment of a numbness and light chattering it is possible slightly for itself to help and as if to "launch" a uterus by means of several abbreviations of muscles of a prelum abdominale and perineum muscles — and everything, and the uterus will start to contract.

If first several auxiliary abbreviations to you will be insufficiently, it is possible to add still T (was possiblly, depth fields of a perineum and an urinary bladder have insufficiently well got warm). Each expiration mentally is directed to uterus field, simultaneously reducing and releasing perineum muscles (at the very bottom of a belly) in the pace necessary to you.

The most important thing — be not stirred and do not hurry. The uterus is very easily launched, if:

• level T is led up «to the necessary quality requirement»;

• the correct pace of abbreviations of muscles of a perineum and a prelum abdominale is selected;

• everything is eliminated that you can brake.

Remember: it should be gained. Even after radical process it is necessary to make such massage, arbitrarily reducing perineum and prelum abdominale muscles.

To set the necessary pace to uterus abbreviations, it is possible to consider about itself (from 1 to 10).

We work before appearance of sense of light pleasant fatique. No more than 500-600 abbreviations in day and no more an once a day. It — in runtime of the fixed program (within 10 training days). Further we train sexual organs not more often 3-5 times a week — before the complete treatment, then we lead massage as required (you will feel it). But always we work only to sense of light fatique (no more than 500-600 abbreviations in succession).

About half of abbreviations it is led with feel T, other half (without blowing-down) with feel X, we conclude always on X. After oscillation termination it is necessarily assembled X in the field of an urinary bladder (specially at myomes) and it is kept within approximately 1-1,5 minutes.

Here, naturally, and everything that is necessary for you the nobility pertaining to engineering of meditative self-massage of a uterus.

Remember: this exercise is gained absolutely at all schoolgirls, the main thing — to want, that it was gained. If spontaneous сокращения1 uteri do not originate from the first, means, it will be possible to you tomorrow, either the day after tomorrow, or later. Do not launch occupations, believe — success without fail will come. In bunches there were events when at separate  women it was got on nothing during all course. Then they resorted was more joy and admitted that now all goes well. «And then it is simple something did not suffice!» Think, maybe, something does not suffice also you.

Experience demonstrates what to search for failure to deliver follows first of all in a head, in brains which one it is frequent at us are stemmed by false submissions. Irregular education, sanctimonious morals, the code of ignorings, the prohibitions, the emasculated philosophy of life (recall notorious «sex at us is not present»). Perhaps, willows have got under this press, maybe, and to you thus distort ed consciousness, causing to blank since the early childhood in itself everything that concerns to a sensual orb of human life. Perhaps, and you struck a bargain, when you reached for the anatomy textbook, yet have not broken all hunt to be interested that there at you inside.

Yield together will meet this lack. We should know well that we mass that we treat. Learn closely fig. 12 and 13 (it concerns and to more "competent" schoolgirls). Undress before a mirror, consider the skew field. It yours, it the only thing on light, you should fall in love with it. If the person does not love itself, whence he can know, how generally love? And a leah can search the woman in proximity of enjoying if she plainly does not know, what to it is pleasant, what is not present?

Learn properly the skew field. Be transversed by fingers on its each hand. Discover the aerogenic bands, spot the points reacting to tangencies specially acutely, store, where they are allocated (at each woman this circuit).

If the uterus prolongs to "go obstinate", it is possible to help case, having mastered the additional exercises strenghtening muscles of a perineum, hips and a prelum abdominale. Their three.

Exercise 1

Easily possiblly (it it is possible to make at any time and in any place). Begin with determination of the necessary muscle. Urinate, squatting, and a will effort interrupt an urine jet. Store a muscle which one thus contracted.


1    2     3

Fig. 12. Layout of a uterus concerning an urinary bladder and a fatend:


Lesson the twelfth

Warm-up + breathing meditative gymnastics + ageing of emotions + operation with feels (T + P, X +) + operation with a fashion of the third arm (at will) + a complex of exercises on rejuvenescence of the person + the work plan on the future.

We hope, dear readers that, working with procedure key positions itself environmental sanitations, you have not met invincible difficulties and were convinced of performance of action of tendered agings on your organism. We urgently recommend to you to transit a complete course itself environmental sanitations. In final section of the present of transactions detailed procedures as, without resorting to any medical products are yielded, it is possible to refine the sight or audition (slackened functions of these organs come to short terms to norms, near from an ideal). Women also can master in a total storage engineering of the meditative (non-contact) gynecologic massage eliminating many gynecologic diseases, beneficently influencing psychics of the schoolgirl and uncovering before it new perspectives in an orb of intimate relations.

The most inquisitive and let to unknown to pupils, at due caution observance, it is allowed to replenish the an improving arsenal two-three exercises from «the Canon for the future lords» — books in which one many centuries prior to us reachings of philosophical thought of the East, reinforced by practical references on skew field and spirit solidifying have been centred. This book was intended attention of a narrow circle of the people marked by a press of the true wisdom. To number of this elite, dear readers, have rare (but quite real) chance to join and you.

Chapter 4


Internal look

When we look around, examining dwellings or passers-by it is possible to term such view, perhaps, exterior.

The internal originates minutes of thoughtfulness and concentration.

Yes here only reflect, how much pleasant and useful feels you have already hauled to the skew field. How here not to smile from pleasure?! Necessarily, friends, save this smile. And an internal look, thoughtfully and with concentration, send her to itself, will favour this smile of tg from heels to a vertex.

Experience, though it and strange sounds, as your hair because him it is good smile and laugh.

Eyes, a mouth and each cog separately smile, without speaking about tongue.

Even the nose cannot conceal a smile, so it is pure and easily breathes.

Introduce — arms and legs smile. And specially a belly! He simply laughs loudly, because very much to it fine is.

Convert an internal look on each your organ — on lungs and a liver, on a maw and buds, — transmitting them a smile and gaining same in the answer.

So happens at good performance at theatre when spectators should smile each other, because that it is cheerful and cosy. Or in the remarkable afternoon in the street, suddenly you note that all smile, as well as should be constant in this life when it kind and happy that, in general, depends on ourselves.

Only, I beg, more smiles — both exterior, and internal! That were shone and heated in each view, in each look.


Lesson the eleventh

Warm-up + breathing meditative gymnastics + ageing of emotions + the maiden complex of meditative exercises (against youth meditation) + sight and audition improving (if necessary) + a great circle + trifoliums (the second complex) + figure correction (operation with a fashion of the third arm) + a face rejuvenation + meditative gynecologic self-massage.


Heat — is cool

You already feel, friends, gratitude of the skew field — for your attention to it and care of it.

When to you give thanks, like heat would become on a shower. As if it is spacefilled by the soft sunlight. Such it is for a long time stored.

And generally feels easy as a pie to store. Sink an arm in warm water, and then in the cold. Then simply enough to recollect senses of heat and a coolness.

Who will not recall right now feel of hot sand under bare heels on a beach or subitaneous freshness of the run surge?

And now try to introduce heat and a coolness in the form of fluffy blobs, like tiny krolchat, capable to travel on your skew field where it will point.

One of them warm-warm, has just woken up. And another — cool because already was in time naprygatsja on a winter garden.

We will be converted at first to the warm. Here it has touched your right leg. Feel, as if a down sock have stretched, so it is warm and pleasant. And suddenly easily, according to your desire, has penetrated in stack. Now only point to it where to move, warming all stack, each ossicle and a string.

Also direct heat hill up on a leg, warming up muscles and the tissues, all sections of a skew field. And specially a knee joint that it was better incurvated, without treskotni and pohrustyvany.

And more above hoist heat, to a hip joint. Warm, fluffy, tender blob — so it is wonderful from its tangencies!

On a lower part of a belly it overflows in the left hip joint and starts to be tapped off on the sly — on bones and hip muscles, through a knee to stack. Oh as it fine warms up all on the trajectory! In it t heat are diluted without a trace and all your malaises escape from a skew field.

It is so much in it still forces and vivacity that is started up in a way back. And then springs from stack on a palm.

Well, precisely, such feel that sits on a palm yellow krolchonok, shining heat!

Light blob penetrates into a palm and it is propelled hill up on an arm, charging with its vivifying, healing heat — a forearm, an ulnar knuckle, an arm.

Now from the left arm direct it endways in right and down to a palm. Warm-warm, soothing, entraining all offensive feels. Such kindness and health abandons in a skew field!

Permit it to do a way back — from a palm to a palm, through elbows, arms and forearms.

Slowly bring a palm to coccyx and experience, as the warm blob moves hill up, caressing and flowing about each vertebra, to the maiden cervical. And then road downwards.

Well, it is good — let warm krolchonok will rest. Now queue of the cool. Its trajectory is already known — on the same paths on which one the maiden skulked.

Odds in that this cool blob brings with itself feel of freshness of a winter garden, vivacity and force — in each section, in all tissues of an organism.

What here you will tell? Magic babies-krolchata. One yellow, another white — warm and cold, created by your memories on feels.

Do not forget about them, friends!

Let always will be nearby that you could send at any time them in travelling on the skew field which one, of course, will thank you health. You necessarily will feel it! But only this feel already anywhere do not move, and store in a shower and heart.